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Li Daozeng


Li Daozeng is a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and doctoral supervisor of the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University. He has served as head of Tsinghua University's Architecture Department and as a member of Tsinghua University's Academic Degree Committee. He was also the first dean of the university's School of Architecture.

In 1993, Li taught theatre design as a guest professor in the Architecture Department of Carnegie Mellon University, US and held concurrent posts, including deputy head of the Beijing Municipal Architectural Art Commission, the seventh and eighth managing director of the Architectural Society of China, and a member of the third and fourth discipline evaluation group of the State Council's Academic Degree's Committee.

Since 1993 he has served as senior consultant of Tsinghua University's Architectural Design and Research Institute, its Urban Planning and Design Institute, and the Shanghai Technical College of Urban Management. The other posts Li has held include deputy honorary chairman of the Architecture and Culture Society of China, honorary president of the World Association of Chinese Architects, and senior consultant of Beijing Real Estate Association.

His representative works include the architectural design of the National Grand Theater, the Taizhou Culture and Art Center, the Oriental Arts Plaza, the renovation project of Tianqiao Theater and the No 2 Teaching Building of Hainan University.

Li has published over 50 papers and several books on various topics, such as architectural design, and environmental behavior theory.