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Star-Clustering Plan



Tsinghua Holdings launched the Star-Clustering Plan on June 26, 2016, according to which the company will work with its partners to foster more than 500 enterprises valued over 100 million yuan ($14.4 million) each within five years.

The Star-Clustering Plan aims to establish and connect 1,000 incubators and maker spaces in more than 100 Chinese cities, as well as 50 overseas incubators.

Tsinghua Holdings will collaborate with investment capital and private equity firms and use Tsinghua Holdings' own fund to provide funding to innovative enterprises.

The company also plans to set up a "Tsinghua Holdings entrepreneurship college" to guide outstanding entrepreneurs, and organize a professional training team to pass on experience and skills to 200,000 trainers in five years.

In addition, Tsinghua Holdings will cooperate with more than 100 companies and organizations on supply chain management, marketing, research and production.