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Footstone Plan


Tsinghua Holdings will invest 50 billion yuan ($7.46 billion) in technological research and development over the next five years, according to the company's Footstone Plan launched at the Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin in June.

The plan also contains a target that the company will accelerate the bringing to market of at least 50 state-of-the-art technologies within the same timeframe.

The Footstone Plan targets key technologies and equipment in nine fields, including information networks, advanced manufacturing, energy and environmental protection, smart and safe cities, health, new materials, modern services, and modern defense.

Tsinghua Holdings aims to translate at least five key research achievements in these areas into world-leading technologies.

The company has set up a 10-billion yuan fund and will build transformative technology bases of no less than 500,000 square meters in a bid to support and accelerate the application of new research.

"Our goal is not to catch up but to take the lead in the industries of national strategic importance," said Xu Jinghong, chairman of Tsinghua Holdings.