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Tsinghua Holdings Vice-president Li Zhongxiang discusses globalization at the Norway China Business Summit 2017


Tsinghua Holdings Vice-president Li Zhongxiang delivered a speech on globalization and sustainable development at the Norway China Business Summit 2017 on April 7 in Beijing.

Business elites from both countries held exchanges during the summit and discussed issues including digital platforms and the shared economy, cooperation on oil and natural gas, green development and smart cities, entrepreneurship and innovation, and health and medical care.

Li participated in the seminar on digital markets and the shared economy and delivered the speech at the breakfast meeting.


Tsinghua Holdings Vice-president Li Zhongxiang participates in the Norway China Business Summit 2017 in Beijing on April 7.

Here is a transcription of Li's speech:

It's my pleasure to share with you our company's view on the several topics we discussed. I work for Tsinghua Holdings, the company owned by Tsinghua University, and as the largest university-originated company in the world, our businesses mainly focus on technical and industrial innovation.

We have some observations on innovation ecosystems in various countries:

It is no wonder that Silicon Valley in the US is leading the world as an innovation ecosystem. People working and living there come from all over the world, including China and Norway, and more than 10,000 Tsinghua University alumni are now working there.

Shenzhen in South China is the best city for innovation in China, since it attracts people from across the country and is also a city of immigrants.

Tsinghua Holdings is a comprehensive group dedicated to technical innovation. Our innovation network covers many countries and organizations in the world. We believe that the exchanges, differences and integration between different nations drive the fast development of technology.

In traditional industries, every country has its own advantages, such as China's big population and market and Norway's fishery resources. In the wave of innovation that is hitting the world, every country and nation makes their contribution with their own culture and wisdom. So we think the integration of these many unique perspectives can promote innovation.

We know that Norway has been making a lot of efforts in combating global warming and cutting carbon emissions through technological innovation.

In 2003, the cargo/vehicle container inspection system developed by our subsidiary Nuctech entered Norway, which became the first European market for the company. In 2014, the country's minister of finance witnessed the delivery of new Nuctech devices. Now the company's product covers more than 150 countries and regions. We would like to thank you for your confidence in China's high-end manufacturing products.

Our subsidiary BioCapital was recognized by US Fortune magazine as the world's most promising biotech company in 2002 and its products cover more than 30 countries and regions, including North America, Europe and Asia.

By early 2017, BioCapital conducted deafness gene screening for more than 2 million newborns, which saved up to 50,000 from deafness due to drug misuse. The company's gene detection technologies can also facilitate the early and precision treatment of Down's syndrome, thalassemia and even cancer.

Since 2012, BioCapital has been working with the University of Bergen on protein chips. In 2014, the company and the University of Miami co-developed a biochip capable of detecting the genetic sequences that cause hereditary deafness in people of European descent, which will benefit people who suffer from hereditary deafness or carry the genes.

Some say that money cannot buy love and time, and some seek love in the virtual world created by the internet. I believe that technological innovation can make humans suffer less pain and live longer.

Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the concept of building "a community of common destiny", creating a vision for human society. We believe that innovation is one of the things that can make this idea a reality by bringing together countries and the destiny of human beings.

I once took a trip to Norway and the beautiful country impressed me a lot. Norway is different from China in many ways, which means that there are a lot of cooperation opportunities in technological innovation for us. Let's expect more exchanges and cooperation!