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Nuctech inspection products help fight against smuggling

The security scanning products developed by Nuctech, an affiliate of Tsinghua Holdings subsidiary Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd. now serve more than 50 countries along the "Belt and Road", covering 82 percent of the countries involved in China's Belt and Road Initiative.

More than 2,000 Nuctech security devices are being used in these countries, including both large mobile cargo/vehicle inspection systems and smaller security scanners.


Nuctech container/vehicle inspection system detects smuggled wild animals at Cambodia Customs.

Security scanner MT1213LT produced by Nuctech helped Cambodian customs officials detect a large amount of smuggled wild animal parts hidden in shipments of timber.

The containers shipped from Mozambique aroused the suspicions of customs officials at the Kandal port when passing through the scanner. The 1,587-kilogram stash of illegal wild animal body parts were covered in heavy wax and hidden in big logs, including pangolin pieces, tiger bones, elephant tails and 640 pieces of ivory.

Lean Manith, a local staff member of Nuctech who participated in the scanning work, was honored by Cambodian customs for the important role he played in the seizure.

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