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Intl technology transfer between CapitalBio and Iranian medical company Pishtaz

CapitalBio Corporation, a Tsinghua Holdings subsidiary, has formed a partnership with Iranian medical company Pishtaz Teb Zaman Diagnostics after catching the company's eye at Iran Health International Exhibition in 2016.


A staff member from CapitalBio (R) poses for a photo with his counterpart from Pishtaz Teb Zaman Diagnostics at the 2016 Iran Health International Exhibition.

CapitalBio displayed its chemiluminescence apparatus and flow cytometer at the exhibition, which attracted the attention and interest of Pishtaz. After several rounds of negotiations, the two companies confirmed an agreement of chemiluminiscence instruments export and technology transfer, helping Iran enhance its medical instrument production capacity.


A CapitalBio staff member talks with a potential client at the 2016 Iran Health International Exhibition.

With frequent communication between both sides, the two companies have established a profound friendship and have been actively advancing cooperation programs on flow cytometers.