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Tsinghua Holdings co-sponsors intl green energy forum


The International Green Energy Forum, co-sponsored by the Administrative Committee of Beijing Future Science Park (BFSP), Tsinghua Holdings and Beijing Future Science Park Development Group, was held in Beijing Future Science Park on Nov 19.

More than 100 people attended the forum to discuss energy transformation and industrial innovation. They included government leaders of Beijing's Changping district, experts and scholars in the field of energy from home and abroad, representatives of central enterprises, Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiaries, and domestic energy companies, the global commissioners of Trans-X Innovation Ecosystem (TIE) and media reporters.


The International Green Energy Forum opens in Beijing Future Science Park on Nov 19.


Guests attend the International Green Energy Forum.

Fan Xin, chairman of the forum and vice-president of Tsinghua Holdings, said in his speech that energy and the environment are the eternal themes of mankind. The theme of the forum can be summarized in four keywords: future, international, green and energy. 


Fan Xin, vice president of Tsinghua Holdings, speaks at the forum.

He also called for reduced energy demands, improved energy efficiency and increased use of green energy, which are the major issues in energy field. 

Fan added that Tsinghua Holdings has spent more than 20 years developing and utilizing clean energy and has made brilliant achievements in technologies, industries and markets. It covers a wide range of businesses, including solar thermal and photovoltaic, renewable energy utilization with heat pumps as the core, and reuse of industrial waste heat, as well as promotion of urban energy through energy-saving and efficient use of energy resources. 

Daniel M. Kammen, Nobel Prize laureate and professor at the University of California, Berkeley delivered a speech entitled "International Partnerships to Advance Clean Energy Innovation and Action". 


Professor Daniel M. Kammen delivers a speech at the forum.

He stressed that international cooperation is very important for achieving goals related to global climate change and outlined the practices of California in the field of clean energy.

He also put forward that policy support and institutional construction play an important role in promoting technological innovation and market applications in the field of clean energy. 

Kammen expressed his hope for pragmatic cooperation with China and other economies in promoting global sustainable development.

James Sweeney, a professor at Stanford University and a well-known energy economist, delivered a keynote speech entitled "Energy Efficiency: Building a Clean, Secure Economy". 


Professor James Sweeney delivers a keynote speech at the International Green Energy Forum.

He proposed establishing a sustainable energy system to change styles of energy consumption, emphasizing the development of clean, efficient and green energy through comprehensive and systematic cooperation in policy, economics, technology and regulation.

He also introduced some specific examples of actions and initiatives taken to improve energy efficiency in the US.

Zhang Xiaofeng, head of the global executive committee of TIE and executive vice president of the US-China Green Energy Council, made a speech on "AI for Energy: Optimal Grid Operation for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Demand Response". 


Zhang Xiaofeng

She detailed the practices and experience of the US electricity market and proposed that using artificial intelligence-optimized methods to control electricity could help renewable energy to run better on the grid, play an important role in improving energy efficiency and service supply-side demands.

Yuan Jiahai, professor of business administration at North China Electric Power University, delivered a speech entitled "Energy revolution and power system transition in China". 


Yuan Jiahai of North China Electric Power University

He pointed out that enhancing energy efficiency is the essential requirement of China's energy revolution. The energy revolution should be synchronized with economic reshaping and restructuring. 

Yuan also said that the potential for energy efficiency in the process of economic and social restructuring and upgrading should be seized to achieve the goal of better developing ecological balance in China with higher efficiency and less energy input.

The forum also held roundtable discussions on "renewable energy and electricity markets" and "energy and transportation: new energy vehicles, energy storage and demand-side management".


The roundtable discussion on "renewable energy and electricity markets"


The roundtable discussion on "energy and transportation: new energy vehicles, energy storage and demand side management"

After the forum, some experts and scholars in the energy field and business representatives held a closed-door meeting to discuss the specific needs of all parties. 


Li Zhongxiang , vice-president of Tsinghua Holdings

Tsinghua Holdings vice-president Li Zhongxiang, said in his concluding remarks that Tsinghua Holdings has launched "Footstone Plan – Trans-X Innovation Ecosystem" (TIE), hoping to build a large platform for international innovation and cooperation to form an ecosystem that gathers people, technologies, capital, and projects.