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CAST-USA heads visit Tsinghua Holdings


Dr. Pan Xinghua, designated president of Chinese Association for Science and Technology, USA (CAST-USA), visited Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd, a fully-owned company of Tsinghua University, on Dec 6.

CAST-USA, a non-profit and non-political organization founded in 1992, is one of the most influential American Chinese organizations, and has been active and well-known both in the US and China.

Both sides discussed further cooperation between CAST-USA and the Trans-X Innovation Ecosystem (TIE), which was launched by Tsinghua Holdings this September as a platform connecting advanced international technology projects with Chinese industries and markets.


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Dr. Pan Xinghua (L3), designated president of USA (CAST-USA), visits the Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd on Dec 6. 

CAST-USA expressed it will support TIE in carrying out science and technology exchanges and scientific achievements transformation as well as its expansion in the US. 

Cooperation will mainly take place in the fields of talent introduction, scientific and technological innovation and securing projects, as both sides seek to develop technological innovation and maintain good brand reputation.

As early as Oct 8, Tsinghua Holdings Vice-President Li Zhongxiang introduced TIE at the 2017 Technological Innovation and International Cooperation Summit and Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) Annual Convention, at Columbia University.


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Tsinghua Holdings Vice-President Li Zhongxiang gives a speech at CAST Annual Convention.

Li was also invited to the conferences of CAST-USA to take part in discussions about science and technology communications between China and the US.

TIE will connect technical experts in both China and the US and provide insights into the innovation needs of industries by building a large-scale innovation network.

Dr. Fang Tong, former president of CAST-USA, Wei Yiqiang, former president of CAST-USA, and Feng Xingjian, head of CAST Beijing Branch, joined the meeting.

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Li Zhongxiang takes part in a conference of CAST held during the annual convention.