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Nuctech helps improve customs clearance along the Belt and Road


Nuctech, a subsidiary of Tongfang Co Ltd affiliated to Tsinghua Holdings, had its smart locking system products to improve goods customers clearance efficiency by railway along the Belt and Road, which was screened on China Central Television's News Broadcast on Feb 27. 

A Chinese technology company dedicated to security and inspection solutions and services for the world, Nuctech has become the first enterprise coordinating with China's General Administration of Customs to conduct the test of a "customs-railway fast clearance plan" using its security smart lockers, in the Chongqing-Almaty, Kazakhstan section of the China-Europe freight train services.


China-Europe freight train service in Chongqing

Nuctech's smart lockers that are installed on containers are input with detailed images and information of the goods in Chongqing, start of the rail route. They enable customs officials along the route to read the information in the locker instead of opening the whole container for a complete inspection.

With the help of the smart locking system independently innovated by Nuctech, the efficiency and quality of customs clearance can be greatly improved.


Nuctech's smart lockers are installed on containers with detailed images and information of the goods, enabling customs officials along the rail route to finish customs clearance with no need to open the whole container for a complete examination.

At present, Nuctech's smart locking system has been applied in Thailand and Armenia and has seen successful trials in a number of countries, including Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Slovakia and Peru. 

The system is of great value in development of a comprehensive logistic monitoring and inspection service and smart customs. It not only speeds up the clearance for the China-Europe freight train service but enhances interconnection of customs procedures between different countries.