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Nuctech technology helps Singaporean Customs break smuggling case



The seized pangolin squama 


Local Singapore media reports on seizure of pangolin squama

A container vehicle inspection equipment developed by Nuctech, affiliated to Tsinghua Tongfang, a member enterprise of Tsinghua Holdings, was recently used by Singaporean Customs to ferret out two batches of smuggled scales of pangolin, a nationally protected animal.

Since 2007 when Nuctech entered the Singapore market, it has offered many kinds of security checking equipment including a system for container vehicle, X-ray security check equipment and body scanners. The equipment and services are supplied to clients in customs facilities and airports.

The seized batch of pangolin weighed 25.6 tons and had a value of 100 million Singapore dollars. It is the world’s biggest smuggling case seized in one time during the past five years. The pangolin was declared as frozen beef which was scheduled to be transported from Nigeria to Vietnam.

According to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, the international trade of pangolin is completely banned around the world. And in China, the animal is classified as a second-class protected species, the killing and sale of which is prohibited.