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From a pursuer to a leader: Tsinghua Holdings’ technology innovation road


Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd has always focused on independent research and development, and core technology and key equipment, which the company sees as its responsibility and mission. It has grown from a pursuer into a leader. Its focus has been what is needed to build China into a powerful high-tech country.

On June 23, 2016, the company made its innovation achievements public. By making use of Tsinghua University's rich academic resources, it has undertaken many major national scientific commercialization programs, including three major special national scientific programs which led to 44 major national scientific advances. It has realized more than 60 major technical breakthroughs. 

By the end of 2015, Tsinghua Holdings had applied for more than 30,000 patents at home and abroad. It put nine percent of its income back into research and development in 2015.

Tsinghua Holdings insists on a development model featuring industry, university and research integration and has explored an innovation path focused on technology. It has made many key technological and equipment breakthroughs in frontier fields worldwide and filled many technical voids in China. 

Nuctech was established in 1997 relying on core technology from Tsinghua University. Its package inspection equipment has been used in an APEC leadership meeting and the World Cup in Brazil. Nuctech now has the biggest share of the global large container inspection system market.

Unigroup has applied independent innovation and international mergers and acquisitions to deploy an integral information industry chain that goes from chip to cloud. The company has evolved into the biggest chip designer in China. It has applied for more than 10,000 patents, with more than five applications being made on a daily basis.

Speadtrum, a high-tech subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings, ranks third globally as a mobile phone chip designer. 

Ecuador was hit by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake in April 2016. The national security command and control system responded rapidly and greatly raised rescue efficiency. Ecuador's president spoke highly of the system, which was provided by Beijing Global Safety Technology Co Ltd.

The three companies mentioned above are all subsidiaries of Tsinghua Holdings. They are typical cases where Tsinghua Holdings pushed forward commercialization of major scientific achievements.

Research teams headed by many academicians are the inexhaustible power behind Tsinghua Holdings' commercialization achievements. 

Wu Liangyong won a top national award for science and technology for his theory of human settlements. Tsinghua Holdings applied the theory in establishing China's first large habitat environmental science and technology group, Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Group Corporation Limited, which has become a pioneer and leader in national urban development.

Wang Dazhong has led a team studying new nuclear technologies over the years. Their work offers solid theoretical and technical support to Chinergy in realizing successful operation of the world's first high temperature gas-cooled reactor commercial nuclear power station. 

Jin Yong's team has made world-leading findings in carbon nanotubes. The team's technology has helped nano technology successfully realize commercial production and application of carbon nanotubes. The company has evolved into the world's biggest producer of that material.

Jiang Hongde is a top expert in steam and gas turbines. He and his team established a combustion engine company. They have conducted independent research and development and designed heavy duty gas turbine equipment at an internationally leading level, successfully breaking an existing international monopoly.

Fan Weicheng's team has made great strides in public safety and emergency technology, which has been applied by Beijing Global Safety Technology Co Ltd. The company has become a leading player in related industries and has made important relief contributions in major national disasters and similar events. 

Jiang Yi is a proponent of artificial environment engineering science. His team has supported the development of Tsinghua Tongfang Artificial Environment Co Ltd, a company that insists on independent innovation and relevant commercialization. It has become a leader in building energy efficiency and heat pump applications in China. 

Yue Guangxi’s team has developed a world-class large-scale coal gasification unit, and successfully completed dozens of industrial applications in such fields as coal conversion to olefins and synthetic ammonia. The team has left an indelible mark in the development of China's clean energy industry. 

Cheng Jing's team is at the core of CapitalBio Corp, which has successfully developed a series of new products including a deafness gene detection chip through more than a decade of exploration and exertion. The company has opened a new chapter in China’s bio-chip industry. 

Luo Jianbin's team mastered the core technology of chemical mechanical polishing through years of research, which paved the way for the establishment of Tianjin Hwatsing Technology Co Ltd. The company has independently produced China's first 12-inch chemical mechanical polishing machine and contributed to domestic production of integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and technology.

Qiu Yong's team has achieved a great deal in the field of OLED. The team supported the rise of Kunshan Visionox. Their independent innovation has enabled China to produce its own OLED.

Tsinghua Holdings' innovation model features interactions between industry and academia, so that teaching is used to boost industry, and industry is used to boost research. The company has helped to build a benign interpenetration between industry, teaching and research. It commercializes scientific achievements that are cutting-edge or important to major national strategic needs or social and economic development. It has pushed for technology to go out of the lab to commercial productivity, and makes use of scientific innovation to support and lead economic and social development.

Tsinghua Holdings is Tsinghua University's platform to commercialize scientific achievements. The company will continue to develop its scientific strength. At the 2016 Winter Davos Forum, its chairman Xu Jinghong pointed out that science-focused development is important for national development, adding that the original and core technologies that China needs most should be accelerated.