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Public Interest

Tsinghua Holdings committed to various programs for public good

● MOOC-CN Education and Yunnan Tus, Tus-Holdings' Yunnan subsidiary, have carried out poverty-relief programs in Nanjian Yi autonomous county, Southwest China's Yunnan province, part of the efforts Tsinghua University has taken to help Nanjian county out of poverty. MOOC-CN Education and Nanjian have developed an online school to improve local education quality and train more talents for the county through Internet. Yunnan Tus has put forward 10 measures to alleviate poverty in Nanjian, including establishing an experience center of Nanjian specialties, introducing quality enterprises, supporting local leading enterprises, and promoting Nanjian folk cultures. It has also introduced linlaoban.com, one of national leading mobile e-commerce platforms and has launched an e-commerce experience center and an e-commerce poverty-alleviation service platform.

● CapitalBio Corporation successfully conducted tests on SARS patients' clinical samples in April 2003, contributing to the early detection of this deadly epidemic. In cooperation with the China Foundation for Disabled Persons, the company is committed to help the deaf and avoid the inheritance of hearing disabilities in their offsprings. The company has also launched the diabetes prevention and screening program in many communities around China. By July 2018, the program has recorded the information of almost 73,000 people and covered the needs of over 170,000.

● Tongfang Co Ltd works together with Adream Charitable Foundation to promote Chinese public welfare education. It has set up a fund to help the disabled children of ethnic groups.

● Tongfang Technovator supports the schools in the mountain areas of Guizhou province, contributing life and study materials. It also helps Tsinghua University students teach in these schools.

● Global Safety Technology Co Ltd's emergency response platform has been used in earthquake-stricken areas such as Ya’an in Sichuan province and Ludian in Yunnan province and plays an important role in emergency rescues.

● The security inspection equipment of Nuctech Company Limited has provided security services for many domestic and international events, including the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Expo 2010 and the 2014 FIFA World Cup. It was also used in the dangerous chemicals inspections following the Tianjin port explosion.

● Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Group Corporation Limited has hosted an "Aging Industry and Real Estate Forum" since 2014 to advance livable environments for the aging and strengthen elder care services as part of an industrial chain in the elder care industry.