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TusPark (Shannxi)


Founded in 1998, the TusPark (Shannxi) occupies an area of 46.3 hectares with a floorage of 300,000 square meters being developed. By 2015, more than 200 enterprises involving medical equipment, biomedical engineering, and financing services had settled down in the park. About 180 scientific achievements have been commercialized there.

The park has registered and applied for about 1,000 national patents and undertaken 17 national sci-tech research projects and 46 provincial and municipal projects. The companies in the park have obtained more than 30 certificates from the TUV, CE, FDA and CCC. 

It has one company listed on the GEM and 16 high-tech firms. It is home to 40 institutions and service agencies ranging from scientific and technological finance and management consultancy to training. 

The park has generated dozens of famous trademarks. A total of 18 companies in the park have gained innovation funds from the Ministry of Science and Technology. It has formed a cluster featuring the development of medical equipment manufacturing and electronic information.