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Commercialized and industrialized projects with National Award for Technology Invention


The commercialized and industrialized projects winning the National Award for Technology Invention are as follows:

  • Organic Light Emitting Display material, device, process integration technology and application (First prize in 2011)

  • Radiation detection technology for defects of large equipment (First prize in 2010)

  • Research and development of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyhexanoate) (PHBHHx) (First prize in 2002)

  • Low temperature sintering of PZT ceramics and monolithic piezoelectric ceramic transformer (First prize in 1987)

  • Next-generation Internet 4over6 transition technology and its application (Second prize in 2013)

  • R&D and application of key technology for selective catalytic reduction denitrification of coal-fired flue gas (Fourth prize in 2015)

  • R&D and application of systematic biological chips and related equipment (Second prize in 2007)

  • New-type electronic control system for vehicle diesel engines and its application (Second prize in 2007)

  • Time-domain synchronous orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (TDS-OFDM) (Second prize in 2005)

  • High-performance low temperature sintering ferrite material (Second prize in 2005)

  • Tsinghua-series green refrigerants (Second prize in 2000)

  • Cobalt-60 digital radiography container inspection system (Second prize in 2000)

  • General receiving demodulation system for intermediate frequency of remote sensing satellite (Second prize in 2000)

  • Monitoring system of single-chip microcomputer intelligent modular substation (Second prize in 1996)

  • High-performance iron voltage electric ceramic material composition and technology of low combustion (Second prize in 1996)

  • Light/thermal effect disc reading, writing and erasing technology and system (Second prize in 1995)

  • High temperature heat treatment technology and equipment for super-large integrated circuits (Second prize in 1990)

  • Direct current pulverized coal burner with flame stabled boat (Second prize in 1989)

  • Si3N4 ceramic cutting tool with high wear resistance and toughness (Second prize in 1988)

  • Key technology of high-performance dynamic reconfigurable computing and its System-On-Chip (Third prize in 2015)

  • New technology and application for auto intelligent safety based on driving environment perception and coordinated control (Third prize in 2013)

  • Vacuum solar thermal collector tube (Third prize in 1988)

  • Navigation gyroscope and its manufacturing technology (Second prize in 2013)