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Commercialized and industrialized projects with National Award for Technology Invention


The commercialized and industrialized projects winning the National Award for Technology Invention are as follows:

Organic luminous display material, device and process integration technology and application (first prize in 2011)

Radiation defect detection technology for large equipment (first prize in 2010)

Construction energy conservation simulation analysis platform DeST and its application (second prize in 2008)

Systematic biological chips and related equipment development and application (second prize in 2007)

New-type electronic control system for automotive diesel engines and its application (second prize in 2007)

Time domain synchronous orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (TDS-OFDM) (second prize in 2005)

Research and industrialization of quartz digital force sensor and the all-digital electronic weighing apparatus (second prize in 2003)

Tsinghua green refrigerants (second prize in 2000)

Cobalt-60 digital radiography container inspection system (second prize in 2000)

Remote sensing satellite intermediate frequency general receiving demodulation system (second prize in 2000)

Online identification and control of thermodynamics and kinetics characteristics of centralized heating network (second prize in 1997)

High-performance iron voltage electric ceramic material composition and technology of low combustion (second prize in 1996)

Light/thermal effect compact disc reading, writing and erasing technology and system (second prize in 1995)

Super-large integrated circuit high temperature heat treatment technology and equipment (second prize in 1990)

Flame stability ship dc pulverized coal burner (second prize in 1989)

High wear resistance and high toughness Si3N4 ceramic cutting tool (second prize in 1988)

China's next generation Internet demonstration project – CNGI-CERNET2/6IX (third prize in 2007)

Vacuum solar thermal collector tube (third prize in 1988)

Single chip microcomputer intelligent modular substation monitoring system (fourth prize in 1996)