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Reconstruction project of Chinese Antarctic Zhongshan Station (Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University Co Ltd)


The Chinese Antarctic Zhongshan Station's construction design includes the planning of the station area (approximately 20 hectares) and design of buildings with a total building area of 3,880 square meters. These buildings are one or two floors with a maximum height of about 10 meters.

Many difficulties have to be solved in the construction of an Antarctic research station, including the extreme natural environment, isolated location, long and hard slog in transportation, short construction periods, insufficient on-site support, high operation cost, strict environmental protection requirements and special demands of materials.

There is not so much experience for reference for the construction of new station in the Antarctic, so it calls for pioneering research and design. 

The station has become China’s important scientific research base in Antarctica and a logistic support base for Kunlun Station.