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Administration center of Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture (Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University Co Ltd)


The administration center of Yushu Tibetan autonomous prefecture in Qinghai is a key post-disaster project after the prefecture suffered a severe earthquake. It not only serves as a comprehensive building for the prefecture's different administrative departments, but is also one of the most important architectural complexes in Yushu.

The center's design fulfills a range of requirements, including the harsh environment of the plateau, complicated functions, special geological features and cultural environment, and provides as well a practical and high-efficient solution while highlighting ethnic characteristics.

The design plan applied the typical elements and spatial relations in traditional Tibet-style building and architectural complexes. It provided two different communities in its west and east parts. The east part is a small-sized community with the courtyard as the core, which prioritizes ethnic and geological characteristics. The project's west part, on the other hand, prioritizes modernity and functions.

The project uses exterior decoration materials in warm grey and white. It integrates the symbols abstracted from the Tibetan style structures and decoration in the design to create a government image that is solemn in general but amiable in details.

Moreover, the project applies integration and protection methods for the location's vegetation and geography to show respect to nature and ethnic groups.