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Beijing Shooting Range Hall (Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University Co Ltd)


Beijing Shooting Range Hall hosted the qualifying rounds and finals of ten shooting events at the 2008 Olympic Games. It consists of qualification competition halls, a final competition hall and supporting facilities.

The hall's final competition hall has a total of 1,275 fixed seats and 1,232 temporary seats.

After the Olympic Games, the hall has been serving as the venue of important international competitions and the training base for the Chinese national shooting team. Parts of the venue are also used for National Defense Education. It may additionally be used to promote shooting as a sport to the public.

The architectural complex's main building is encircled by a large and diversified three-dimensional greening system, echoing the verdant Cuiwei Mountains to the north, thereby creating a green natural environment for the hall.

At the hall, the building's outdoor and indoor spaces obscure one's location through atrium and indoor gardens; a metaphor of "hunting in a forest" is used in the hall's design.

The project has won several architectural awards, including an excellent award issued by the Architectural Society of China in 2007.