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Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu, Sichuan province (Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University Co Ltd)


Sitting in the west suburb of Chengdu, Sichuan province, Jinsha Site Museum consists of a Relics Hall, an Exhibition Hall, and a Cultural Heritage Protection Center in an area of 28.93 hectares. The Exhibition Hall is the site's main building.

The planning of Jinsha Site Museum follows the Modi River, which runs through the site from east to west, as its horizontal landscape axis, and uses the open space on the north-south axis as its vertical cultural axis. The sightseeing begins at the entrance square, develops at the relics hall and reaches its climax at the Exhibition Hall.

Moreover, the Architectural Design and Research Institute tried to transcend the museum's intrinsic functions such as collection, exhibition and research, and to expand it into a location of public communication and social activity. In a word, the museum is designed to be close to people's lives.

Meanwhile, in order to lessen the museum's financial burden after establishment, the planning gave the museum's public spaces multiple functions to generate an economic return.

The project has taken a road different from that of other museums in city centers or suburbs. The museum has had a good social impact, as well as praise from experts in relics and architecture. It was the winner of the fifth outstanding architectural creation award of the Architectural Society of China and of the first prize of the outstanding prospective design and architectural design award issued by the Ministry of Education in 2009. It has won other awards at the national level.