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Heat pump heating project in Simatai New Village, Miyun District, Beijing (Tongfang Artificial Environment Co Ltd)


Simatai New Village is a key project of the building of a new socialist countryside in Beijing. The project for the village, which is not included in the municipal heating network, supplies heating for a period of 150 days. It is not environmentally-friendly to heat by coal, but on the other hand electric heating has a low utilization rate. In the end, a method of "low temperature air-source heat pump plus floor heating" proposed by Tongfang Artificial Environment Co Ltd was applied in the project. This heating method is more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly.

The heating project of Simatai New Village was named the best practice of energy conservation and emission reduction in North China's urban buildings by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Building Energy Conservation Research Center, Tsinghua University. Moreover, it was selected as the winner of the clean energy heating supply quality project award given by the Beijing Building Energy Conservation and Environmental Engineering Association and publicized as a model case in energy conservation reconstruction during the building of a New Socialist Countryside.