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High-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration project (Chinergy Co Ltd)


The high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration project is the first commercial nuclear power station with a module high-temperature gas-cooled reactor in the world; meanwhile, it is the world's first commercial nuclear power station featuring the safety characteristics of the fourth generation nuclear power system.

During a visit to the demonstration project in January 2013, Vice-Premier Liu Yandong commented it as a landmark project of Chinese independent innovation.

Based on a10MW high-temperature gas-cooled experimental reactor built by Tsinghua University, the project is listed in the top 16 National Science and Technology Major Projects. It maps out a set of 200MW high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear power unit and the supporting equipment.

The project began construction on Dec 9, 2012 and is expected to put into operation in 2017.