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Environmental Protection

● The energy management and city energy conservation management services offered by Tongfang Technovator effectively reduce building energy consumption, improve habitat environment and promote energy conservation in cities.

● Tongfang Artificial Environment Co Ltd's air-source heat pump and ultra-low energy consumption energy and environment system play an important role in clean heat supply, architectural energy conservation and smog reduction. In 2013, Tongfang Artificial Environment Co Ltd was named as among the Top 100 Chinese ESCos.

● Sound Environment Resources Co Ltd is dedicated to waste recycling and the sustainable development of environmental resources. It has ranked among the Top Ten Influential Enterprises in the solid waste industry for three consecutive years.

● Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Group Corporation Limited has developed China's first ecological civilization innovation park, Gui'an Innovation Park, which is not only a platform for green architectural technologies and products but also an authoritative assessment base for various new technologies in the building field.

● Beijing Tsinghua Solar is specializing in the promotion and application of clean energy, with a focus on solar thermal utilization technologies. It is a pioneer, promoter and standard setter in Chinese solar thermal utilization.

● By applying clean coal production technologies, Wison (Nanjing) Clean Energy Co Ltd provides chemical raw materials such as carbon monoxide, methanol, hydrogen, syngas, sulfur and butyl-octyl alcohol. It is recognized a model in circular economy.