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Commercialized and industrialized projects with National Science and Technology Progress Award


The commercialized and industrialized projects winning the National Science and Technology Progress Award are as follows:

  • Key technology and application of the 4th mobile communication system - Time Division Long Term Evolution (TD-LTE) (Outstanding winner in 2016)

  • Radiography innovation team of Tsinghua University (Award for innovation team in 2013)

  • Key technology and application of globalization and industrialization of Digital Television Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcasting (DTMB) system (First prize in 2016)

  • Research on key technology and equipment of emergency platform system (First prize in 2010)

  • System of second generation of resident identification cards (First prize in 2008)

  • 10-MW high temperature gas-cooled experimental reactor (First prize in 2006)

  • R&D and industrialization of mobile container inspection systems with accelerator as radiation source (First prize in 2003)

  • Simulation training system of large thermal power units (First prize in 1985)

  • Research on R&D and application of generic technology of urban circular economic development (Second prize in 2016)

  • Key technology and application of high-resolution emission list of regional air pollution sources (Second prize in 2015)

  • Key technology and industrialization platform for core chip of wireless communication terminal (Second prize in 2014)

  • TH-FaceID and TH-WriterID biometric identity authentication system (Second prize in 2008)

  • Designer's Simulation Toolkit (DeST) and its application (Second prize in 2008)

  • Microcomputer control system for heat supply network (Third prize in 1992) 

  • Space micro-system and nano satellite (Second prize in 2007)

  • CNGI-CERNET2/6IX --- key fundamental infrastructure for China Next Generation Internet (CNGI) project (Second prize in 2007)

  • Technology research and industrialization of circulating fluidized bed boiler proper and dynamic simulation (Second prize in 2006)

  • IPV6 core router (Second prize in 2005)

  • Information system for super-capacity CD database application (Second prize in 2004)

  • High-performance digitalization system for intelligent information of text files in Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, English, Tibetan and Uyghur languages (Second prize in 2003)

  • Multifunctional rapid prototyping manufacturing system (M-RPMS) technology (Second prize in 2002)

  • All-glass evacuated solar collector tube, heat collector and hot water system (Second prize in 2000)

  • Research on the pilot process of super twisted nematic liquid crystal displays (STN LCD) (Second prize in 2000)  

  • Recognition system of THOCR-1997 integrated Chinese characters (Second prize in 1999)

  • Gaohua CAD two-dimensional drawing and design system (Second prize in 1998)

  • Extra-high voltage composite insulator (Second prize in 1997)

  • Online recognition and control of thermodynamics and dynamics features of heat supply network (Second prize in 1997)

  • China Education and Research Network (CERNET) demonstration project (Second prize in 1997)

  • Research and development of large-scale and super-large integrated circuits and 3-micron processing technology (Second prize in 1987)

  • Recognition system for multi-font and multi-size printed Chinese characters (Third prize in 1992)

  • Research on technology and application of super-fine surface polishing, modification, and testing (Second prize in 2008)