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Commercialized and industrialized projects with National Science and Technology Progress Award


The commercialized and industrialized projects winning the National Science and Technology Progress Award are as follows:

First Prize

Research of TD-SCDMA key engineering technology and industrial application (first prize in 2012)

Key technology and equipment of emergency platform system (first prize in 2010)

Second-generation identification card system (first prize in 2009)

Research and development of key technology for  GSM/GPRS cell phone core chipsets by Spreadtrum (first prize in 2006)

10 MW high temperature gas-cooled test reactor (first prize in 2006)

Development and industrialization of accelerator radiation source mobile container inspection system (first prize in 2003)

Large-scale thermal power unit simulation training system (first prize in 1985)

Second Prize

Key technology and industrialization platform for wireless communication terminal core chip (second prize in 2014)

TH - ID biometric identity authentication system for faces and handwriting (second prize in 2008)

Research of super-fine surface polishing, modification, and testing technology and its application (second prize in 2008)

Space micro-system and nano satellite (second prize in 2007)

IPV6 core router (second prize in 2005)

Application information system for supercapacity CD database (second prize in 2004)

Multifunctional rapid prototyping manufacturing system (M-RPMS) technology (second prize in 2002)   

Research on the pilot process of super twisted nematic liquid crystal displays (STN LCD) (second prize in 2000)  

All-glass vacuum solar evacuated tubes, solar heat collectors and hot water system (second prize in 2000)  

THOCR-1997 integrated Chinese character recognition system (second prize in 1999)

Gaohua CAD two-dimensional drawing and design system (second prize in 1998)    

Extra-high voltage composite insulator (second prize in 1997)

China Education and Research Network (CERNET) demonstration project (second prize in 1997)

Research, development and application of Huafeng high-efficiency heating stove (second prize in 1992)

Research and development of large-scale and super-large integrated circuit and the development of 3-micrometer processing technology (second prize in 1987)


Third Prize

● Recognition system for multi-font and multi-size printed Chinese characters (third prize in 1992)

Microcomputer control system for heating network (third prize in 1992)       

UV exposure step and repeat camera (third prize in 1985)