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Tsinghua Asset Management Co Ltd

Established in 2012, Tsinghua Asset Management Co Ltd is engaged in assets management, equity investment and investment consulting. It is a platform for Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd for investment, management and operation of financial assets and business.

Positioned in applying finance in science and technology development, Tsinghua Asset Management Co Ltd achieves capitalization and commercialization of technology capital and intellectual property through integration of science and technology innovation and financial innovation.

Based on the brand of Tsinghua University and using the abundant industrial resources of Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd, it has formed all-line funds from FOF to securities. Meanwhile, it is developing licensed financial businesses such as insurance, securities and trusts. Moreover, it participates in the capital chain-based credit business, the property ownership chain-based capital operation business, and industrial chain-based financial services.

At present, it manages more than 70 billion yuan ($10.49 billion) worth of assets.