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MOOC-CN Education

Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd founded MOOC-CN Education Investment Co Ltd in December 2013, as a strategic action to enter in the Internet industry and online education.

The main business of MOOC-CN Education Co Ltd includes development and operation of online education platforms, as well as production and operation of online courses, development and promotion of digital campus software systems, and operation of online education-related media.

xuetangx.com, an online education platform of MOOC-CN Information Technology (Beijing) Co Ltd, is a research exchange and achievements application platform of the Research Center for Online Education, Ministry of Education. It strives to be the number one Chinese online education platform in the world.

In accordance with the principle of coordinating international and domestic platform and courses as well as marketing and administration, MOOC-CN Education is exploring the sustainable development of online education and seeking to be a national and international leading online education group.