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Tsinghua Holdings Group Finance Co Ltd

Approved by the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Tsinghua Holdings Finance Co Ltd was founded by Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd in April 2015. It is a non-banking financial institution with a registered capital of one billion yuan. 

The company provides various services for Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd’s subsidiaries, such as centralized management of funds, settlement, credit, and intermediate business. Its establishment was an important strategic measure to promote the industrial development of Tsinghua Holdings and will further promote the integration of the Group's financial resources, as well as provide professional financial services to Tsinghua Holding’s subsidiaries and enhance the combination and development of industries and finance.

As a tailored financial institution for Tsinghua industries, the company provides comprehensive financial services and support for subsidiaries through focusing on the Tsinghua Holdings' development strategy and making breakthroughs in further integrating Tsinghua industries and finance. It is committed to boosting the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements and building a high-quality financial services platform within the group, as well as achieving independent leapfrog development.