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Nuclear and radiation emergency response platform (Beijing Global Safety Technology Co Ltd)


The nuclear and radiation emergency response platform is designed for the daily and emergency monitoring and emergency response in the fields of nuclear and radiation for the country's environmental protection organs.

By using advanced technologies such as digitalized emergency response plan, information visualization and intelligent Agent, the platform provides multiple functions such as monitoring and forecasting, information submission, emergency command, online meeting, data exchange and sharing in terms of nuclear and radiation accidents. The platform also serves for nuclear emergency response drills and training. 

To date, the platform has won four software copyrights and two utility model patents. It was awarded at national level as key new product and innovation achievement. 

The platform is now widely used across the country, including two national centers: Nuclear and Radiation Safety Center and Radiation Monitoring Technical Center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and six regional nuclear and radiation safety monitoring stations. Moreover, it's gradually marching into overseas markets.