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CapitalBio Deafness Gene Mutation Detection Kit

晶芯 九项遗传性耳聋基因检测试剂盒(博奥生物) 副本.jpg

CapitalBio Deafness Gene Mutation Detection Kit is the first of its kind in the world. It is designed for the rapid and high-throughput screening of known hotspot mutations related to hereditary hearing loss among Chinese people. It makes the screening of mutation genes a clinical and diagnostic method and provides a practical tool for disability prevention.

The product simultaneously evaluates nine mutations in four genes by applying a multiplex allele-specific PCR-based universal array. It features a high detection rate and high flux and is easy to operate.

To date, the chips have screened 1.7 million people throughout the country. A total of 70,000 newborns have been found to have the deafness mutation gene; 0.24 percent of them were found with the ototoxic deafness gene. If screening were expanded to all newborns across the country, about 50,000 cases of drug-induced deafness could be prevented each year.

The CapitalBio Deafness Gene Mutation Detection Kit has won several national awards.