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CapitalBio LuxScan™ 10K Microarray Scanner

LuxScan 10K 激光共聚焦扫描仪(博奥生物) 副本.jpg

The LuxScan 10K Microarray Scanner is a compact high-performance system for microarray imaging and data analysis of DNA, protein and cell arrays. It's the only Chinese microarray scanner that has been exported to Europe and the US. Its advanced systems for optics, signal processing and motion control provide superior scanning accuracy and high detection sensitivity over a wide linear dynamic range. With optimized signal acquisition and processing elements, it is an ideal tool for profiling fluorescent labeled microarrays.

The product has passed the CE certification of the EU, and was designated as a national key new product by the Ministry of Science and Technology in October 2006. In May 2009, it was honored as one of the first National Independent Innovation Products by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It won the distinguished patent award granted by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2013. It is exported to markets in the US, Europe, Australia and South Korea.