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Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing (CapitalBio Corp)

BioelectronSeq 4000基因测序仪-诺儿康TM无创产前基因检测(博奥生物).jpg 

The BioelectronSeq 4000 gene sequencing instrument and fetal chromosome aneuploid (T21, T18, T13) detection reagent kit obtained the medical device registration certification in 2015 and have been widely applied in clinical fields. The noninvasive prenatal genetic testing technique is a safe, accurate, rapid and simple approach to test fetal chromosomal diseases. Free DNA is extracted through collecting maternal venous blood, and high-throughput sequencing technology is applied to determine the presence of fetal aneuploidy. The technology offers higher precision than prenatal screening and almost the same accuracy with prenatal diagnosis. It can avoid fetal intrauterine infection and miscarriage and can be applied to women after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The technology is a big complement to current prenatal diagnosis technology systems, and plays an important role in reducing the neonatal birth defects while improving pre and postnatal care.