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Tsinghua enterprises in G20 Summit

(Tsinghua University )



From September 4 to 5, 2016, the 11th Summit of Leadership from the Group of Twenty (the G20) took place in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

Being the host, Hangzhou presented its perfect conference organization service, beautiful natural scenery, and rich culture to the leadership of G20 and the world.

In a speech made at the summit, Chinese President Xi Jinping said, “Click the mouse in Hangzhou, and you can connect the whole world.” To achieve connection with the entire world, New H3C, which is part of Tsinghua Unigroup, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd, provided high-quality network security services.

To ensure the reliability and security of the network during the G20 Summit, New H3C established a special summit working group of 100 engineers in October 2015.

The main meeting place of the G20 Summit, the International Expo Center, the summit’s International Convention Center, and hotels such as the Xizi Hotel were all secured with a guaranteed network boasting 3,700 WiFi access points.

From the West Lake to Hangzhou International Airport, from the meeting venue to other sites such as the subway and hospitals, engineers from New H3C were seen everywhere, equipping each site with exclusive spare parts for communication devices.

Six Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd subsidiaries participated in the service and security work of the G20 Summit, each accomplishing its own task and working with the others for a successful summit while also showing the strength of Tsinghua Holdings.

The 10-kilometer-long light show along each side of the Qiantang River with the theme of “City, Water, Light and Shadow” stunned the world.

The light show was designed by Tsinghua Tongheng Planning & Design Institute Co Ltd under the Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Group Corporation Limited, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings, taking three years from early creative planning to final completion.

The light show consisted of three parts, namely “Soul of City”, “Spirit of Water” and “Shadow of Light”, which combined the values of traditional culture, spirit of city and visual aesthetics. Tongfang Co Ltd carried out the overall control of the light show and realized the synchronizing control of wireless 4G on a wide range of buildings for the first time in China, leading to a giant screen formed by 700,000 LED lights in 35 buildings. The animation was displayed on multi-layer overlaid building facade in a smooth, connected and natural way.

As the general contractor of security inspection devices for the G20 Summit, Nuctech, under Tongfang Co Ltd, provided over 6,200 sets of different security inspection and anti-explosion devices and150 operators for more than 60 security inspection sites, including the meeting places for G20 and B20, hotels, food logistics bases and security inspection stations in Zhejiang province.

The G20 Special Knowledge Base is a large authoritative database for G20, covering a wide range of documents from nationwide newspapers and periodicals to master’s and PhD theses and conference papers. As an information provider of G20, it was established by Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Group based at the website CNKI (www.cnki.net).

As President Xi Jinping said in the speech at the opening ceremony of the B20 Summit, “Innovation is the key to economic growth.” Tsinghua Holdings and its subordinated enterprises are committed to serving the country through reform, innovation, and technological progress.