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Modern lighting shows magnificent Hangzhou




After the triumph of the G20 Summit, the symbolic image of Hangzhou as a place of intersecting bridges and picturesque waterways will remain long in the memory. This image evokes the city’s age-old forte of merging natural beauty and innovative technology, a skill for which Qianjiang New Town recently won great acclaim for its resplendent lighting show.


This play of light and shadow impressed the international delegates with a deep feeling of Hangzhou's unique nature. But, as with many of life's greatest pleasures, the lighting show took years to plan and was enjoyed in a few fleeting moments.


The show was designed over the course of three years by the prestigious Department of Lighting Planning & Design of the Tsinghua Tongheng Urban Planning & Design Institute, a world leader in both urban and rural planning.


The show projected a technicolour multitude of patterns and designs onto surrounding buildings and landscapes. Audiences were bedazzled by the 700,000 LED light fixtures spread across thirty-five buildings that lit up the night sky. However, not only was the performance beautiful to behold, it was also innovative with 4G wireless technology being used to control the entirety of the lighting system, somewhat of a first in the realm of professional lighting shows.


This type of spectacular lighting show can now also be found at Hangzhou International Convention Center, Hangzhou Grand Theatre and the Hangzhou Civic Center.