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Global institutions

Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd’s subsidiaries have roughly 120 overseas branches across 25 countries and regions in five continents. Tsinghua Holdings emphasizes global integration of talent, technology, resources and culture to boost coordinated development of its business worldwide.

Tsinghua Holdings' international business focuses on electronic technology, energy saving and environmental protection, bio-pharmaceuticals, science and technology services, publishing and food.

The company has 111 overseas subsidiaries, mainly in the US and the Canadian province of Ontario in North America; Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and Panama in South America; the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Finland and Turkey in Europe; Australia in Oceania; Japan, and South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, India, the UAE and China’s Hong Kong and Taiwan in Asia.

There are eight overseas offices in Taiwan, Chicago, Delhi, Dhaka, Jakarta, and Lagos.