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Replay: The Methodology to Remain Undefeated in Entrepreneurship


Replay, a term from Go (or weiqi), means the two players repeat the moves of chess after a game to analyze the good and bad moves of the game. It is not a simple process of repetition, but a process of logical reexamination and rethinking. The concept of "replay" for business was formally proposed by Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi in 2001 when Legend Capital was established. From a Lenovo report issued in 2006, "replay" was defined as Lenovo's operational and practical core value and methodology.        

The concept of "replay" can help foster constant self-improvement and enhance professional proficiency through opening mindedness, honest expression, seeking factual truth and self-reflection. 

The United States Military Academy at West Point, BP, Wanda Group and other large enterprises and organizations have also attached great importance to the concept of "replay".

In an entrepreneurial environment, products, services, business models and brands are highly iterative. Replaying anywhere or anytime is the key to keeping pace with the times and besting rivals!