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Entrepreneurial Leadership: NASA's 4-D Excellence Team Building Class


Director of NASA's Department of Astrophysics Charles J. Pellerin Jr. successfully developed the "4D team building system" from his experience as a scientist and a team leader. The system helps team members understand their innate character, team culture, tasks and how to change their state of mind and behavior through evaluation, workshops and training processes to create a high performance team!

In 2007, the "4D team building system" was rewarded by the International Coaching Federation and become a best-selling course on team building worldwide. Since 2011, Xu Zhong has cooperated with Charles J. Pellerin Jr. to organize workshops and more than 100 internal training courses for domestic business giants, such as China Telecom, Alibaba and China Merchants Bank. The course has been widely welcomed and received by businesses around the globe.