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TusStar and Honeywell to guide 11 startups in Shanghai


TusStar, affiliated to Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiary Tus-Holdings, is cooperating with Honeywell, a multinational conglomerate and Fortune100 enterprise to provide entrepreneurial guidance for 11 startup intelligent manufacturing enterprises in the recently opened camp in the Shanghai Tus-Caohejing Park.

Over a hundred teams competed for membership in the Honeywell-TusStar Intelligent Manufacturing Entrepreneuring Camp from May 2016. The 11 winners will be given convenient research opportunities and professional guidance in intelligent manufacturing, including advanced sensor technologies, robotics, software development and chip design.


Enterprise representatives pose for a photo at the Honeywell-TusStar Intelligent Manufacturing Accelerator camp in Shanghai. 

"TusStar is a business incubator offering a full growth chain to startup enterprises, including financing, marketing, technology and cooperation with big companies. The model of combining technology and financing proves to be effective," said An Hongping, chairman of the Tus-Caohejing Park.


An Hongping, chairman of the Shanghai Tus-Caohejing Park, gives a speech to representatives of settled enterprises. 

The camp caters to the demands of China's manufacture industry and supports its innovation, transformation, upgrade and sustainable development.

"I hope that Honeywell will use its advantage in technology, innovation and management to help startup enterprises form a core competence," said Qin Cong, vice president of the Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solution Group of the greater China region.


Qin Cong, vice president of the Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solution Group of the greater China region, promises to assist startup enterprises through the Honeywell-Tus Star Intelligent Manufacturing Entrepreneuring Camp. 

The 1,500 kilometer accelerator in the Tus-Caohejing Park started operating on March 28, simultaneously with the camp campaign. The accelerator space is equipped with a good working environment and fundamental engineering laboratory facilities.

"We will have access to abundant smart home resources provided by Honeywell and TusStar in the technology park. That is why we've participated in the camp," said Chen Shoufang, a representative of a smart chip design enterprise.