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Tsinghua Holdings teams up with UK-based Chinese VC fund


Tsinghua Holdings is proud to announce that it has agreed a partnership with Cocoon Networks, the Chinese venture capital fund targeting UK and European start-ups, with the aim of boosting innovation and entrepreneurship in both China and Europe.


The office of Cocoon Networks in London, UK. 

The two parties will cooperate to bridge the Chinese and UK markets and use their complementary strengths in creating entrepreneurial ecosystems to promote equity investments and the bringing-to-market of new technologies in both countries.

Cocoon Networks is the first Chinese venture fund to target the European entrepreneurial market. It cooperates with cross-border enterprises to connect leading European technology programs with Chinese markets and capital.

With 7,000 square meters of incubator facilities, Cocoon Networks is the largest innovation platform in Europe, serving as a global start-up ecosystem of incubators, accelerators and co-working spaces with expertise in venture capital and intellectual property management. It boosts Chinese equity investment in Europe and stimulates industrial upgrading in China by helping world-leading global start-ups enter the Chinese market.


An office inside the headquarters of Cocoon Network in London, UK.

The wide-ranging cooperation between Tsinghua Holdings and Cocoon Networks will involve talent, capital, facilities, international development and synergetic development, and will add yet more global incubation resources to Tsinghua Holdings' Star-clustering Plan. The cooperation will also enable start-ups to gain greater access to entrepreneurial mentors, training, communities and investment and financing.