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Guohuan Tsinghua contracts the sludge incineration system project in Bangladesh

Beijing Guohuan Tsinghua Environmental Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd. signed an engineering, procurement and construction contract with Power Construction Corporation of China for the CII section of the Dasher Kandi sewage treatment plant in Bangladesh on Jan 21, 2017. The company will build a 500 t/d sludge incineration system for the plant.


Guohuan Tsinghua signs a contract with Power Construction Corporation of China to construct a 500 t/d sludge incineration system in Bangladesh.

The job is a subproject of the Dasher Kandi sewage treatment plant project, which Power Construction Corporation of China was contracted to undertake by the Drainage Bureau of Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh.


The picture shows an aerial view of the Dasaherkandi sewage treatment plant.

The project, which forms part of the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor strategy and China's Belt and Road Initiative, will see the construction of a 500,000 m3/d sewage treatment plant and its pipeline network in Dhaka with a total investment of $270 million.

Guohuan Tsinghua won the contract for the sludge incineration system thanks to its advanced technology in integrated sludge drying and incineration systems, which will enable the efficient and harmless disposal of sludge in the sewage treatment plant.

The system is automatically controlled and easily operated with low operating costs. Since it operates continuously and hermetically, its emissions are thoroughly purified and thus will not cause secondary contamination.

It is also proved to have the advantages of fast drying, low discharge of dioxin and other volatile organic compounds, low risk of dust explosion, and high efficiency in heat utilization. In addition, it occupies only a small area.


The picture shows the components of a sludge drying and incineration system.

The technology for the system was developed by Tsinghua University in 2007. Guohuan Tsinghua, a company set up to monetize Tsinghua University's innovative environmental technologies, applied the technologies to projects from 2007 to 2016. The company has also made several technology breakthroughs through continuous development and improvement.

Guohuan Tsinghua has now installed 12 sets of devices in China. Its sludge disposal capacity for a single project has expanded from 60 t/d to 1,200 t/d, meaning that the company's systems are now disposing of 4,500 t/d of sludge in total.

Owning three patents and two national and ministerial awards, Guohuan Tsinghua occupies a leading position in the industry.