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Tsinghua Asset Management Group: Establish industry funds to serve the Belt and Road Initiative

Tsinghua Asset Management Group, a platform for managing the financial assets and businesses of Tsinghua Holdings, has set up various types of industry funds that have contributed to China's Belt and Road Initiative by promoting economic transformation and upgrading.

Funding the construction of the China-Malaysia industrial park:

Tsinghua Asset Management Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee on October 8, 2016. Both sides will accelerate industrial cooperation and the incubation of businesses in the park.

The China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, a trial project designed to promote industrial integration between China and its partners, is the third international industrial park co-built by the Chinese government and foreign governments.


Representatives of Tsinghua Asset Management Group and the China-Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park Administrative Committee pose for a photo.

Tsinghua Asset Management Group and the industrial park administrative committee jointly established a China-Malaysia capital guiding fund with total capital of 5 billion yuan ($726 million), aiming to make more contributions to industry both in the industrial park and in Guangxi more widely. The group will promote cooperation on the full range of financial products based on the guiding funds.

About Tsinghua Asset Management:

Tsinghua Asset Management Group is a professional operation and management platform for the financial assets and businesses of Tsinghua Holdings. Based on the concept of "Finance and technology", the company realizes the capitalization and commercialization of technical assets and intellectual property through the deep integration of scientific and financial innovation.

The company is committed to creating a scientific financial system and building a financial service platform supporting the whole development cycle of technology enterprises. It has completed its layout of all kinds of fund businesses and strives to become a global asset management group serving the science and technology industry.