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CNKI creates China-Indonesia digital cultural space

Cnki.net, China's leading digital knowledge database, an affiliate of Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiary Tsinghua Tongfang Co., Ltd., has been engaged in China's Belt and Road Initiative by establishing Belt and Road themed bibliographic databases in collaboration with countries involved in the policy, and actively participating in project cooperation and promotions.

A China-Indonesia Digital Cultural Space digital library CNKI built for the University of Al Azhar Indonesia is a highlight cultural project of the CNKI in the Belt and Road Initiative aiming for cultural exchange. It consists of books, periodicals, newspapers and pictures related to Chinese and Indonesian culture and cultural exchanges between the two countries based on CNKI's large amount of knowledge and information.


A diagram shows the structure of the digital cultural space library platform CNKI created to promote China-Indonesia cultural exchanges.

Supported by literature classification technology, services of literature browsing, searching and access are available on the digital cultural platform.

In addition, CNKI designs the content and function in line with the needs of local users, presenting content on the platform in both Chinese and English. Concisely designed and easy to use, it provides a practical and convenient channel for cultural exchanges between Chinese and Indonesian readers.

The digital library has information and content about six primary sections -- Chinese culture, Indonesian culture, China-Indonesia cultural exchanges, News, China-Indonesia impressions and cultural encyclopedia, and 35 secondary sections including national realities, economy and trade, arts and humanities and folk customs.

Readers can know more about culture of two countries such as literature, drama, painting music, dance, architecture, and films under the secondary sections, and they can even adjust their personalized information according to their interests.