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Huahuan promotes better communication in countries along the Belt and Road

Responding positively to China's Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Huahuan Electronics, owned by Tsinghua Holdings, has been making efforts to provide high-quality communication services in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Commonwealth of the Independent States and the Middle East.

Huahuan enriches the communication service resources in local markets by bringing its communication products and technologies to the countries, and promoting the development of its overseas subsidiaries.

Myanmar plays a significant role in China's Belt and Road Initiative. The country's economic development is slower compared with other countries in Southeast Asia, and its communications market provides great opportunities for Huahuan.

Huahan's sales team for the Southeast Asian market went to Myanmar several times to visit clients and conduct investigations before they made Myanmar's Globalnet Corporation its main client. The local carrier speaks highly of the communication equipment Huahuan provides and keeps registering more orders.


Huahuan staff introduce the company's latest products and solutions to customers. 

The main products Huahuan provides for Globalnet are network access products with a compact structure, which help the client save space and standardize its wiring. As the technicians in Myanmar were unfamiliar with the products, Huahuan staff explained the products' operating principles thoroughly, tested the equipment repeatedly and solved problems in a timely manner, which won Huahuan trust and praise from Globalnet.

Beijing Huahuan Electronics was founded in October 1992. With technical support from Tsinghua University, Huahuan occupies a leading position in the research, development and sales of communication accessing system and devices, providing comprehensive solutions for customers.


Huahuan staff help customers solve a technical failure and update their devices. 

Huahuan designs and develops ultra large scale integrated circuits specialized for communication, relying on patented technologies, independent intellectual property rights and the latest microelectronics manufacturing technology. It develops and produces various communications products and accessories with its IC technology, system on chip technology and multi-chip module technology.