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THAD: Building bridges through architecture

The Architectural Design and Research Institute of Tsinghua University Co., Ltd. (THAD), a renowned Chinese integrated design and research institute, has participated in several cultural projects for countries such as Myanmar and Tunisia, not only enriching the lives and culture of the local people, but also enhancing exchanges and ties between China and these countries.

The THAD led a feasibility study into maintenance and reconstruction work on Myanmar's National Theatre and National Indoor Stadium.


Myanmar's National Theatre began official operations in 1991. The theatre has a total construction area of about one hectare and can seat 1,500 people.

The two venues were originally constructed by the Chinese government during the 1980s in Rangoon, the country's former capital city. After more than 20 years of being used for hosting large domestic and international events, the Myanmar government has decided to renovate and modernize the facilities' aging equipment and decorations.


Due to the spectacular appearance of the venue's 2.6 hectare construction area, the National Indoor Stadium is known as a "monument of friendship" between China and Myanmar.

A delegation of 12 engineers and professors from the THAD and Tsinghua University's civil engineering and architecture schools got the project started in May 2016, when they conducted a field trip to Myanmar to assess the current condition of the venues.


Workers inspect structural architecture under the supervision of the engineers.