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Tsinghua Holdings' online education platform goes global

XuetangX.com, an online education center owned by Tsinghua Holdings, is dedicated to sharing quality education resources globally. It has established cooperation with some overseas education organizations.

In 2016, XuetangX was designated as the only education platform of the International Center of Engineering Education under the Auspices of UNESCO (UNESCO ICEE). The website for the center (http://iceeikcest.xuetangx.com/) has been launched with 16 first-phase English courses now available.


Web page of UNESCO ICEE online education

The portal offers free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) from leading universities around the world. MOOC are platforms that allow users to register and receive free access to all online courses provided by universities worldwide.

XuetangX has reached cooperation with international education institutions including the African Engineering Education Association and the digital education division of Telefonica, the Spanish multinational broadband and telecommunications provider, in an attempt to bring high-quality MOOC and remote engineering education services to the global market.