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CapitalBio contributes to health care in Vietnam

2015 marked the 65th anniversary of China and Vietnam establishing diplomatic relations. CapitalBio, a leading Chinese life science company, has been contributing to the development of health care in Vietnam since it began to explore the Southeast Asian market in 2015.

With the full support of CapitalBio, an affiliate of Tsinghua Holdings, Bimedtech, Vietnam's first biochip enterprise, was officially established in 2015 with total investment of $49.3 million. Bimedtech has its production base in Ho Chi Minh City with a total area of 35,000 square meters. Its annual output was estimated to reach 390,000 chips.


The Bimedtech production base starts construction. 

CapitalBio provided advanced biochip production technology, equipment and core components for Bimedtech. This helped the company complete its biochip production localization in a short time and improve its product quality and market share.


Managers from CapitalBio Corporation's overseas business department pose for a group photo with the general manager of Bimedtech.

CapitalBio has also cooperated with local hospitals and medical universities in Vietnam, providing free testing for more than 700 samples of tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis, more than 800 samples of hereditary deafness and over 100 samples of thalassemia for local residents.