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CapitalBio donates medical instruments to Kyrgyzstan hospital

CapitalBio Corporation, an affiliated company of Tsinghua Holdings, donated one of its self-developed nucleic acid analyzers to Kyrgyzstan National Infectious Disease Hospital in June 2016.

CapitalBio Chairman Cheng Jing was invited to attend the 70th anniversary of a presidential hospital in Kyrgyzstan, during which Cheng visited some national medical institutions in Kyrgyzstan.

Cheng made the donation decision after the hospital's president, Guljigit Aliev, told him about Kyrgyzstan's lack of technology for respiratory disease diagnosis during a tour of the hospital. The analyzer can detect respiratory tract pathogens quickly and precisely.

CapitalBio invited the hospital's vice president and technicians to visit the company, where they were given training on using the analyzer in July 2016.


Technicians of CapitalBio provide training for the medical group from Kyrgyzstan National Infectious Disease Hospital.

The analyzer equipment arrived at the Kyrgyzstan hospital in August 2016 and CapitalBio's technological personnel were warmly received by the hospital staff. The hospital even renovated its lab to create a satisfactory experimental environment. 


CapitalBio's technological personnel are warmly received by Kyrgyzstan National Infectious Disease Hospital.

The nucleic acid analyzer became Kyrgyzstan's first biochip instrument. Easy-to-use and capable of providing precise detection results, the device has made a big contribution to updating Kyrgyzstan's medical equipment. It also promotes the popularity of Chinese high-tech medical devices worldwide.