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Spreadtrum endeavors to make a digital India

In a competitive market like India, Spreadtrum has been a pioneer in bringing high quality mobile handsets at low price and has supported its Indian and international partners by providing mobile handsets with advanced features which have always catered to the masses.

The company with deep technical expertise has been bringing the latest technology both in the mainstream products and in high-end products.

During the era when Indian market was only feature phone focused, Spreadtrum brought in chipsets based on ARM9 architecture chipsets. Integrated with the high performance CPU, it ensured that videos can be played at a higher bit rate and x264 compression thereby enabling people to enjoy videos through their memory cards. This helped Spreadtrum to become the leader in the feature phone segment within the 3 years of its entry in the Indian market.


Spreadtrum Communications wins the Chindia Award in 2016 for its contribution to stimulating investment and cooperation between China and India.

Spreadtrum was the first chipset company to bring in affordable smartphone chipset called SC6820 in 2013. Till then our competition only produced chipsets which were only catered to the urban population and did not consider Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities which needed affordable smartphones. With the game changer chipset, many Indian brands were able to launch products with price as low as. Rs. 4000, whereas most smartphones were still available at almost double the price.

The reason why Spreadtrum could bring the paradigm shift was because ourits chipset only used EDGE and not 3G as that time 3G was only available in big cities and it made no sense why all users should pay the price for technology which they were not even using. In fact for most Indian brands, SC6820 was the chipset on which they were able to launch their first successful smartphone models. Samsung also later launched models based on this chipset.

In 2015, Spreadtrum launched a 3G quad core smartphone chipset, SC7731. Within one year of its launch, Spreadtrum became the leading player in the 3G smartphone segment.

In 2016, the chipset platform provider collaborated with various Indian operators to bring smartphones with 4G and VoLTE across all its offerings and not only in the high-end or mid segment. This has helped the market to shift to 4G in less than a year.

Currently Spreadtrum is working to bring the latest 4G technologies like VoWifi, CA, eMBMS across the company's all smartphone product portfolios. India market is still predominantly feature phone and it is working on a LTE FP chipset to take the latest 4G technology to everyone in India.

"Spreadtrum has contributed immensely to the overall development of the mobile handset eco-system in India. We are confident that Spreadtrum with its competencies and product development strategies will be a boon for the Indian industry," said Pankaj Mohindroo, Chairman of Fast Track Task Force and National President of Indian Cellular Association.