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TusHoldings cooperates with South Australia to discover happiness


Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiary TusHoldings, a group specialized in technology and innovation investment, in cooperation with the South Australia Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), has opened the H+Lab (Australia) in Adelaide, in a bid to facilitate development of the Australia's health industry. 

Chen Hongbo, executive vice-president of TusHoldings, and Jay Weatherill, premier of South Australia, attended the opening ceremony. 


The opening ceremony of H+Lab (Australia) is held at SAHMRI. 

A new global incubator and the first international project of H+Lab, H+Lab (Australia) will cooperate with SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Center to improve people's mental health and sense of happiness. 

It will develop a "happiness lab" to innovate, develop, test and market software and hardware for health technologies in cooperation with Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). 


Representatives of medical and science fields from both countries attend the opening ceremony. 

The Australian lab is also expected to attract more startups in the happiness industry and become a reliable investment for people of both Adelaide and China. 

"It's a golden opportunity for Tsinghua University and TusHoldings to cooperate with South Australia, which is strong in science, agriculture and medical health, especially in psychology. Both Tsinghua University and TusHoldings are good at understanding startups and creating a suitable environment for them," said Chen. 


Ribbon cutting at the opening ceremony. 

"The Australian lab is an important base for TusHoldings and TusPark where thousands of Chinese startups  are open to extensive international cooperation and development," Chen added. 


Chen Hongbo is interviewed by reporters from Adelaide Chinese News.

"The cooperation is no coincidence. I have met with TusHoldings top managers three times before, both in China and in Adelaide. The H+Lab (Australia) was our goal and we have set up the cooperation with mutual understanding," said Jay Weatherill.


Anthony Coles (L), executive director of the H+Lab speaks with another ceremony attendee. 

The H+Lab (Australia) and SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Center are determined to develop health-related technologies through business and research cooperation and expect fruitful achievements, said Gabrielle Kelly, director of the SAHMRI Wellbeing and Resilience Center.