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Tsinghua Holdings' technology achievements shine at China Hi-Tech Fair


Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd, a fully-owned company of Tsinghua University, demonstrated its achievements of advanced technology commercialization at the 19th China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF), held in Shenzhen, Guangdong province from Nov 16-21. 

Wan Gang, minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the president of the China Association for Science and Technology, and Zhou Ji, dean of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, visited the exhibition areas of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Holdings, where they paid attention to the chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) equipment and a gas turbine, two major national science and technology projects.


Wan Gang (2nd R), minister of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the president of the China Association for Science and Technology, visits the exhibition area of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua Holdings at the fair. 


The Tsinghua University exhibition area

The CMP equipment was produced by Hwatsing Technology Co Ltd and the gas turbine was innovated by Beijing Huatsing Gas Turbine & IGCC Technology Co Ltd, two companies incubated and funded by Tsinghua Holdings. 

During the fair, Tsinghua Holdings showcased the following 10 projects related to the commercialization of technologies: the self-innovated 60,000-kilowatt heavy-duty gas turbine, the super large-scale integrated circuit CMP machine, high-temperature gas-cooled reactor and low temperature nuclear reactor for heating, treatment of radioactive wastewater released from nuclear facilities, painting robots for large and complicated work pieces and automatic painting integrated systems, large-scale production of carbon nanotubes in fluidized beds, system structure and software supports based on brain-inspired computing, fixed point quantization of convolutional neural network, voiceprint recognition, and key technologies of driving assistance system.


Beijing Huatsing Gas Turbine & IGCC Technology Co Ltd 


The chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) machine

Many of Tsinghua Holdings subsidiaries exhibited their high technologies as well at the fair.

Tsinghua Tongfang presented its smart products and solutions in urban informatization, city intelligence, energy-saving, security, ecological environment, and people's livelihood.

Tsinghua Holdings' subsidiary Beijing GS Technology Co Ltd (GSAFETY) showed its emergency platform for production safety, which advances risk prevention and control and accident rescue by adopting the technologies of the Internet of things, big data and mobile internet. 

Based on the requirement of safe production, the platform is an emergency system covering all procedures, systems and periods. 

TusStar, an incubator brand under Tus-Holdings Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings, showcased a couple of technology products at the fair, including AIPART, a system focusing on psychological testing and training in the selection of pilots, and artificial intelligent blinders.

AIPART was developed by AIPATCH, a company incubated by Tus-Holdings and dedicated to developing psychological smart products. 

Visionox Co Ltd is a world advanced innovative technological provider for organic light emitting display (OLED) solutions. Its 6.01-inch AMOLED product won a Top 10 Popularity Award during the fair for innovative technology and design. 


Zhao Yanlai (R), vice-president of Tsinghua Holdings, introduces the nanotube project at the fair. 


Shenzhen TV shows the Tsinghua Tongfang exhibition area.


Visitors at the GSAFETY exhibition area

Organized by several State ministries and commissions under the State Council and the Shenzhen municipal government, the CHTF is held annually in Shenzhen. It's the largest and most influential scientific and technological exhibition in China.