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Saihanba Exhibition Hall: protecting memories of three generations of foresters


Just as the vast Saihanba forest fortress prevents desert sandstorms from burying Beijing, a 1,600-square-meter exhibition hall prevents time from burying the memories of the three generations of forestry workers who planted it.

The Saihanba Forest Farm from North China's Hebei province, won the top United Nations' environmental honor, the 2017 Champions of the Earth award at the third UN Environment Assembly, in Nairobi, Kenya, on Dec 5.

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Guo Hong (L), general designer of the Saihanba Exhibition Hall, reports on exhibition planning to Liu Qibao, then head of the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, in July.

The story of the Saihanba Forest Farm, which is China's largest man-made forest 400 kilometers north of Beijing and encompasses 74,700 hectares, is a commitment over the last 50 years or more that changed barren land to radiant forest.

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A video screen at the Saihanba Exhibition Hall.

To commemorate and refresh the inspiring practices of Saihanba, the Saihanba Exhibition Hall, originally built in 1992 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the farm, was upgraded and renovated from last September by Beijing Qingshang Architectural Ornamental Engineering Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings Habitat Development Group affiliated to Tsinghua Holdings.

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The work of foresters is reproduced at the Saihanba Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition hall is located at the headquarters of farm and it now covers a total area of 5,900 square meters.

Qingshang designed the exhibition that presents visitors with five chapters with themes of beautiful mountains, foresters' hardworking and enterprising spirits, rivers, modern forest farms, and harmony homeland – through various means, including 3D sand tables, scene simulation, and multi-media.

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The interior of the Saihanba Exhibition Hall.

The design and construction of the hall, which capture the spirits of three generations of foresters, has won the admiration of the local people. 

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The beautiful scenery of the Saihanba National Forest Farm.