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Tsinghua Holdings to continue marketing of scientific findings


Tsinghua Holdings has gained some rich experience in the commercialization of scientific findings and will advance the work in the future, while keeping in mind its original will and mission to serve the country and generate more benefits for society, said Zhao Yanlai, vice-president of Tsinghua Holdings, a wholly-owned company of Tsinghua University. 


Zhao voiced the determination during a meeting with faculty members of Tsinghua University's Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences on the commercialization of scientific findings at Tsinghua University on Jan 18.


The development of Tsinghua industries is driven by the efforts made to commercialize Tsinghua University's outstanding scientific achievements, said Zhao. The process that successfully brings technologies to the market involves many factors, including industry-leading technologies, fund, space, and industrial coordination, he added. 

Tsinghua University has made policies and regulations on commercialization of scientific findings, which highlights standard working procedures and common legal risks. 


Wang Biao, president assistant of Tsinghua Holdings, shared some classic scientific achievement transformation cases with participants, saying projects should pay special attention to framework design and risk control. 

Meeting attendees also discussed intangible assets value assessment and company equity structure.