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Hwatsing's Cu&Si CMP equipment used in a Shanghai-based IC foundry company


The Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation, an IC foundry company, adopted the Cu&Si CMP (chemical mechanical polishing) equipment innovated and manufactured by Tianjin Hwatsing Technology Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Tsinghua Holdings on Jan 18, 2018, which means the first home-made 12-inch copper process CMP equipment is being applied in the mass production line of integrated circuit.

Luo Jianbin, a member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the professor of Tsinghua University, and Lu Xinchun, a research fellow in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tsinghua University, began their research on polishing technology in 2000 and developed the 12-inch CMP equipment with independent intellectual property over years.


In March 2013, Tsinghua Holdings and Tianjin Municipal Government established the Hwatsing Technology to promote the industrialization of the CMP equipment, which is at the core of ultra large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing techniques. 

A typical China's integrated circuit equipment manufacturer, Hwatsing Tehcnology has always challenged new technological heights to advance its product lines, from Si and Oxide to STI and Cu CMP. 

As China's integrated circuit industry is developing rapidly, Hwatsing Technology will continue its effort to contribute more to the industry's development.